I’m a fourth-year PhD student in Economics at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business broadly interested in urban/spatial economics and econometrics. In particular, I’m focused on understanding the effects of housing and transportation policy levers like property taxation, land-use regulation, construction subsidies, and congestion pricing. I’m also excited about improving methods for policy evaluation and integrating tools from high-dimensional/nonparametric statistics and machine learning into econometric practice.

Before doing a PhD, I earned my BS in Mathematical and Computational Science and MS in Computer Science also at Stanford, and during my doctoral studies, I earned an MS in Statistics. Having grown up in the Bay Area too, I’ve clearly had trouble giving up the balmy northern California weather… Besides research, I love making music (mostly jazz piano and a cappella singing), running, baking, and watching tennis.

If you want to chat about anything, feel free to reach out to me via email or Twitter.